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Cooling Towers

Cooling Towers are one of the most critical equipments in any power plant as these dissipate waste heat in the most efficient and cheapest way. Thus they play an important role in enhancing the overall efficiency of the power plant and also conserve the most precious natural resource, the water.

Cooling Towers for power plant capacities 500 MW and above are quite large in size due to large quantity circulating water and as a result require large space for their locations. Optimized sizing for design and planning for construction of the towers are crucial activities that demand considerable expertise in the field.

Over the years Spectrum has acquired the expertise in this field comprising of thermal, mechanical, hydraulic, civil and structural aspects. Presently, the following services in the field are offered:

  ‣ Design and Engineering of Natural Draught and Induced Draught Cooling Towers

  ‣ Design and Engineering of Counter flow as well as Cross flow Towers of Induced Draught Towers

  ‣ Design and Engineering of Towers with Film Fill (Cellular Types) and Splash fill ( Splash Grid, Doron V Bar, PSC Laths, Trickle Grid/Block, All Legacy Fills like Wooden Slats, Wedges, etc.)

We cover the entire systems of cooling towers and provide services from conception to commissioning through planning. Following is the partial list of our references:

Induced Draft Cooling Towers

Sr. No. Project Name Owner Flow in CuM Per/hr No of Cell Fill Type
1. 4 Nos for Chandrapura Thermal Power Station Unit 7 & Unit 8 ( 2 X 250 MWe), JHARKHAND DVC 35000 2 x 11 Cross flow V - Bar
2. 1 No. for Santhaldih Thermal power Station (1 X 250 MW) Unit 5 for WBPDC DVC 36000 1 x 12 Cross flow V - Bar
3. 1 No. at V.V. Reddy Nagar, Kadapa Dist A.P. APGENCO 35000 1 x 14 Counter Flow Splash Grid
4. 2 Nos. for Farakka Super Thermal Power Project Stage III (1 x 500 MW), in West Bengal NTPC 30000 2 x 9 Counter flow V - Bar
5. 4 Nos. for 2 x 600 MW Anpara – C Thermal Power Project, WB Lanco Infratech Ltd Lanco Infratech Ltd 35000 4 x 11 Counter flow V - Bar
6. 6 nos. at Vellur for 3X600 MW Thermal Power Project, TN TNEB / NTPC 30000 6 x 9 Counter flow V - Bar
7. 4 Nos. at Mauda for 2X500 MW Mauda Thermal Power Project, Nagpur, Maharashtra NTPC 35000 4 x 9 Counter flow V - Bar
8. Amarkantak Thermal Power Project - Stage I & II, Anupur, Madhya Pradesh Lanco Infratech Ltd 78050 2 x 24 Counter flow Film

Natural Draft Cooling Towers

Sr. No. Project Name Owner Flow in CuM Per/hr Total Height in Meters Fill Type
1. 4 Nos. for 4 x 500 MW, O P Jindal Thermal Power Project at Tamnar, Chhattisgarh Jindal Power 72000 155 Film
2. 1 No. for 2 x 600 MW Malwa Thermal Power Project, MP MPPGCL 75000 170 V-Bar
3. 1 No. for 1 x 500 MW Korba West Thermal Power Project, Chhattisgarh CSPGCL 63000 170 V-Bar
4. 1 No. Raichur Thermal power Station (1 X 250 MWe) Unit 8, Karnataka KPCL 33000 124.3 Film
5. 2 Nos. 2x500 MW Tuticorin Thermal Power Project (TTPP), Tamilnadu NLC 62000 147.9 Splash Grid
6. 2 Nos. for 1x600 MW Jaypee Nigrie Super Thermal Power Project (NTPP), MP Jaypee 85180 190.19 V-Bar
7. 1 No. for 1 x 600 MW Kakatiya Thermal Power Project (KTPP), AP APGENCO 78800 166.8 Splash Grid
8. 1 No. for 1x 600 MW Rayalseema Thermal Power Project, AP APGENCO 81000 190.5 V-Bar

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Twin Steel Flue, RCC Chimney , 275 m Tall, at Raipur , Chhattisgarh

Detail Design Engineering services for 1200-1320 MW TPP. The chimney was 275 M. tall with open Raft Foundation.

»Client:  Gammon India Limited, Mumbai.

»Owner:  GMR Energy Ltd.

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Single Brick Flue, RCC Chimney 275 m tall, at Kakatiya, Andhra Pradesh

Detail Design Engineering services 1x600 MV TPP. The chimney was 275 M. tall with open Raft Foundation.

»Client:  Gammon India Limited, Mumbai

»Owner:  APGENCO.

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RCC Chimney, 180 m tall for Power Plant at Bokaro, Jharkhand

Project involves detailed designs for the 180 m tall RCC Chimney with single brick flue for Bokaro Power Supply Company Ltd.

»Client:  Bygging India Ltd.

»Owner:  Bokaro Power supply Company Ltd.

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Three RCC Chimneys with Single Brick Flue for 2x45 MW Power Plant at Utraula, Kamberkhera , and LakhimpurKheri Uttar Pradesh

The project involved design engineering consultancy services for three chimneys for the 2x45 MW power plants in Uttar Pradesh. All the chimneys were 110 m tall with pile foundation.

»Client:  Petron Civil Engineering Pvt Ltd

»Owner:  Bajaj Infrastructure Development Co. Ltd

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Two RCC Chimneys with Single Brick Flue for 2x45 MW Power Plant at Barkhera , Maqsoodpur Uttar Pradesh

The project involved design engineering consultancy services for two chimneys for the 2x45 Mw power plants in Uttar Pradesh. The chimneys were 110 m tall with pile foundation.

»Client:  ERA Building Systems Ltd.

»Owner:  Bajaj Infrastructure Development Co. Ltd

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Circulating Water Systems

Spectrum has designed a number of circulating water systems for Kirloskar Brothers Ltd (KBL) which includes design of RCC/Steel superstructure, substructure for both concrete volutes (CV) as well as vertical turbine (VT) pumps with flow of around 40,000 cu.m/hr. This also includes the design of Forebays and channels, discharge pipes, thrust blocks, switch gear rooms etc. Following are a few typical projects:

1)  Sea water Pump House (with CV Pumps) and Electro Chlorination Plant at Kalpakam, in Tamilnadu for Bharatiya Nabhiya Vidyut Nigam Ltd. (BHAVINI).

2)  Salaya Thermal Power Project 2 x 600 MW for Essar Power Gujrat Ltd., at Salaya, Gujarat. ( With CV Pumps)

3)  Tuticorin Thermal Power Project 2 x 500MW of NLC ( With CV Pumps)

4)  Warora Thermal Power Project 2 x 500MW of GMR ( with VT Pumps)

Apart from above, designs are provided only for concrete volute portions of following projects:

1)  Sipat super thermal power stations 3x660 MW of NTPC

2)  Barh Super thermal power stations 3x660 MW of NTPC

3)  Sri DS Thermal Power Plant, 2 x 800 MW for APPDCL, KrishnaPatnam, Andhra Pradesh

4)  Kawai Thermal Power Project 2 × 600 MW for Adani Power.

5)  Mettur Thermal Power Station, stage III 1 x 600 MW for BGR Energy Systems Ltd. Chennai

6)  Other Power Plants at: Nigari for Jaypee, Dahej for Siemens/Torrent, Chhattisgarh (Doosan) for GMR, etc.

All the volutes are analysed using ANSYS and 3D FEM model.

Make Up water system for Bhilai Expansion Power Project 2 x 250 MW Unit 1 & 2

The project involved make up water system including a road along the pipeline for NTPC-SAIL Power Company.

»Client:  Kirloskar Brothers Ltd.

»Owner:  NTPC - SAIL.

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Plant Water system for Koderma Thermal Power Station for Damodar Valley Corporation

The project involves intake well, raw water pump house, Overhead tank, make up water pump house, pipe cum foot bridge from intake well, road, bridges & culverts along the 7 km pipe line corridor, storm water drains inside the plant and all enabling structures.

»Client:  Kirloskar Brothers Ltd.

»Owner:  Damodar Valley Corporation.

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Ash Handling Plant at Paras 1 X 250 MW for MAHAGENCO

The project involves total Civil, Structural & Architectural design of entire Ash handling system which consists of two numbers of RCC Silos, Bottom Ash Hopper, ash disposal pump house, Mechanical Exhauster room, HCSD control room, MCC room, AHP Control room, pipe racks, equipment foundations etc.

»Client:  Mahindra AshTech Ltd

»Owner:  Maharashtra State Power Generation Corporation Ltd. (MSPGCL)

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Coal Handling Plant for Barh Super thermal Power Project

Project involved preliminary design of civil structures of coal handling plant for Thermal Power Plant at Barh. The plant consists of one track hopper of 6000 Tonns holding capacity, two nos of wagon tipplers along with side arm chargers, 3200 TPH double conveyor stream along with paddle feeders, crusher house, trippers etc. and two no. 3200 TPH reversible stacker / reclaimer with associated 3200 TPH conveyors to meet the coal requirement of Barh STPP.

»Client:  Gammon India Limited, Mumbai.

»Owner:  National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC).

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Hydro Mechanical Components for Hydraulic Structures

Project involves preparation of designs of Radial Gates, Intake Gates, Draft tube Gates and Stop logs for DPR of Handia, Hoshangabad & Bauras Projects of Narmad Hydro Electric Development Corporation.

»Client/Owner:  Narmada Hydro Electric Development Corporation Ltd.

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